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IQAS (Internal Quality Assurance System)

The School of Economics and Business has an Internal Quality Assurance System whose ultimate aim is to ensure the quality and continuous improvement of the degrees taught at the School. In addition to the School’s Quality Policy and Objectives, it has a quality manual and a set of strategic, support and key procedures. The structure and instruments of the IQAS guarantee the participation of the different stakeholders.

         University of Zaragoza

         School of Economics and Business

Quality of the programs

Each programme at the University of Zaragoza has a system for monitoring and supervising the results and the student learning process. For this purpose, it has a series of bodies and mechanisms for the coordination, evaluation, and continuous improvement of the studies which, on an annual basis, issue evaluation reports as well as Innovation and Improvement plans. Information on each programme can be found at

  • Verification reports

-Bachelor programs

-Master's Degree

  • ACPUA monitoring reports
  • Reports on the renewal of accreditation of degree courses
  • Annual degree programme reports and Annual Innovation and Improvement Plans (PAIMs)
  • Survey results

Quality of services

  • Service Charter

Suggestion box

  • Form for suggestions, complaints and claims for the improvement of the programmes
  • General form of the School of Economics and Business Studies
  • General form on services provided by the University of Zaragoza

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