Dean's Team

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  • Dean: José Mariano Moneva Abadía;  E-mail:
  • Secretary: Marcos Sanso Navarro
  • Vice-Dean for Teaching and School Organisation: Jesús Ángel Miguel Álvarez
  • Vice-Dean for Quality and Infrastructures: Marta Melguizo Garde
  • Vice-Dean for International Affairs: Ana Yetano Sánchez de Muniaín
  • Vice-Dean for Transfer and Employment: Blanca Isabel Hernández Ortega
  • Vice-Dean for Students and Social Outreach: Isabel Acero Fraile
  • Delegate for the Joint Programme in Law and Business Administration and Management: Ignacio Moralejo Menéndez
  • Assistant to the Dean and Coordinator of the Degree in Business Administration and Management: Javier García Bernal

Dean's Office Secretariat

Telephone numbers: 976761776 Ext. 841776

   976762756 Ext. 842756